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Event Photography Overview

From intimate parties to grand galas, count on us to capture the essence of your event. We specialize in creating themed and branded print borders, as well as on-site printing (indoors or outdoors) so that your guests leave with a keepsake that they will long remember and appreciate.

Events We've Done

Thank you so much for all your help on the Del Rio event. The Green Screen was the "Hit of the Party" and everyone loved that they were able to get their pictures as they left the party.

My hat is off to you, Thank you for helping make this a successful event! Best Regards! - Jamie R.

What's New

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Photo Stations

Traditional Photo Stations

If you're looking for a fun party favor or event keepsake, the traditional photo station is a great way to go. Guests can take a relaxed photo at their leisure.

Our photo station will be open and available throughout the event. We can provide traditional muslin backdrops or we can create custom backdrops and/or props to suit your specific theme and objectives.

Our graphic designers create a unique print border that can incorporate event name and date, venue, theme elements, logos and sponsors branding. High quality prints are presented to your guests immediately.

Candid and Awards Photography

Candids and Awards Photography

Some times the best way to capture the essence of your event is to capture images of your guests enjoying the fruits of all your hard work and planning.

Our candid photographers mix and mingle with your guests and capture photos of them enjoying themselves, the entertainment, the food and drinks, the activities, the competitions, the games... Whatever it is that is going on, we'll capture it as it happens.

All of the photos are optimized and provided to the client via electronic download after the event is over. We can also provide the images real-time for display or projection at your event.

Venue Photography


You've worked tirelessly to get every detail just right. Lighting, linens, floral, themed elements, graphics, table settings, chairs... and much more.

We'll capture your vision and the result of your creative efforts so that you can build your portfolio and share your work with future clients.

These images are perfect for your cross-marketing efforts and social media interactions.

Greenscreen Photo Stations

Greenscreen Photo Stations

Greenscreen photography is a technique we use whereby we can electronically replace the greenscreen background used when taking the picture with any image or scene you would like.

This technique is typically used on your local news and weather broadcast. The weather person appears to be standing in front of a large map when in reality they are standing in front of a greenscreen background and technicians nearby are swapping the map for that background.

This is a fun and inexpensive way (you don't have the cost of erecting a set and props) to have virtually any background you would like in your photos. We can also do some fun special effects, like having guests sitting inside of a one-of-a-kind motorcar in an auto museum... without ever touching the car itself!

Group Photos

Group Photos

People cherish group photos. They're not always easy to pull off, especially with a very large group. There never seems to be a convenient time to herd everyone into one location. But people like the sense of "belonging" that a group shot provides. They give the feeling of camaraderie and team spirit... the very outcomes you're striving for with your events and meetings.

The key to group shot photography is preparation. Once you give us the head count and venue, we will scout the location for the most appropriate place to take the photo. The larger the group, the more important it is to have various elevations, like stairs or hillsides. If that's not practical, it might work out where the group can be on a single level below the photographer who might be on a ladder or a balcony.

We can print and frame the group shots on-site for you to distribute at a banquet or have them sent to guest rooms if that's your preference.

Thank You for your help and the help of your staff! They did a great job and were very courteous and professional.

I appreciate your extra help in my moments of perceived crisis. - Mark C.

Thank you again for doing such a great job on our Grad Nite & I hope we can work together again next year! - Kellie C.