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SoCal Dance Heads

SoCal Dance Heads

Be A Star, No Talent Required!

Create an event your guests will never forget! Dance Heads keeps all of your guests entertained and asking for more. It is a new, innovative, funny and mesmerizing form of party and event entertainment. Dance Heads has captivated audiences and participants of all ages. The hilarity begins when participants' heads are superimposed on the bodies of professional dancers. The participants can sing-a-Iong or just laugh and bob their heads to some great pop hits such as "I Feel Good", "Super Freak" , "I Will Survive" and many more tunes from which they can participate alone or as a duet. But don't confuse Dance Heads with lip-syncing or karaoke! The outrageous effect is complete with fully animated backgrounds and the delighted viewers watch participants become singing, dancing stars!

Events We've Done

Cororate Meetings & Events | Charitable Fundraisers | Music- and Hollywood-Themed Parties | Trade Show Booth Traffic Builders | Grad Nites | Birthday Parties | Bar/Bat Mitzvahs | Quincea├▒eras | Wedding Anniversaries | Retirement Parties

Fun, Fun, Fun

When they finish their performance, we instantly e-mail them their Dance Heads video. Most guests will open the email on their smartphones and enjoy it all over again during your event. Imagine the buzz that will create! Plus, the file sizes are small enough that they will be able to share them easily with family, friends, coworkers and social media outlets.

Sample Videos

Gangnam Style
Blue Suede Shoes
Car Wash
Bad Girls

Color Switcher