Frequently Asked Questions

Dance Heads

How much space does Dance Heads require?

Dance Heads requires a minimum footprint of approximately 15’ Wide X 12’ Deep X 10' Height, and will need some additional space for crowds to gather.

Will we need special electrical outlets?

No, Dance Heads will run off a 20 amp circuit located within 20 feet of our system.

How many people can participate in an hour?

Dance Heads can accommodate approximately 40-50 individuals per hour.

Can Dance Heads be set up outside?

We definitely suggest being indoors for the best guest experience, but if that's not possible give us a call and we can discuss the environment you're thinking of having us in.

We're already going to have a big screen projector. Can you connect to it?

Yes, we can provide your A/V people with an HDMI feed from our system so that they can project your Dance Heads performances on the projector/screen and/or monitors.

Event Photography

Is photo editing included in your work?

Our on-site photographers assistants optimize images if necessary for exposure, contrast, color and cropping prior to printing your photos. Images from our roving candid photographers are optimized as well and delivered in high resolution JPEG format.

Do you charge travel fees?

Yes. We allow 50 miles round trip in our prices. All miles above 50 miles round trip are charged at $1 per mile.


Do you carry Liability Insurance?

Yes, we carry a $1 million business liability policy. Many venues require a Certificate of Insurance, and some require special wording on it as well. If your venue does, please request this when you book us to avoid problems later. Our insurance does not cover any malicious damage done to Allure equipment by any of your guests. You will be responsible for any such damage.

What is your refund policy?

If we are only able to provide partial services due to mechanical failure or other conditions within our control, Allure Ventures will provide a credit to the Client on a prorated basis. If Allure Ventures is prepared to offer it's services, but cannot do so due to conditions or situations that are not within its control, there will be no refund to the Client.

Do you require a deposit?

A non-refundable transferable deposit is required to hold the date and the remaining balance is due one week prior to the event unless specified otherwise in your contract. If the balance due is not paid on time, the reservation may be cancelled and the personnel and equipment released to another party.

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